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Sacramento-based Trial and Litigation Boutique Law Firm

Our practice areas includes business and commercial disputes, class actions and malpractice cases.

We handle cases of a seriousness and complexity normally handled by far larger firms, but we do so in a much more efficient, personal and cost-effective manner. We perform legal services at rates that provide outstanding value to our clients. As plaintiff's counsel, over the last year (2016 through 2017), we have obtained settlements and judgments for our clients that total in excess of $10,500,000.

Our goal is to maintain long-term client relationships based upon excellent customer service. We believe that all successful litigation, whether in prosecuting or defending a case, requires systematic analysis of the issues, facts and people involved.

Each case is unique and requires its own individual plan and approach. We see our strength in our


ability to break down complex issues, and to effectively present them to a jury or judge.

The firm is recognized nationally for trial and appellate advocacy in matters of commercial law relating to FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA and their equivalents in California law. We routinely handle class actions in these and other areas, as well as cases related to lender liability, foreclosures, collections and the like. We are also nationally recognized as a leading defense firm in legal malpractice law.

We understand that our clients' reputations and financial futures are put at risk in litigation. Because of this, we provide aggressive but professional legal representation to each and every client. It is a job we take very seriously.

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